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Sonic: The Lost Land 2

Project Information

Project Director: Shadow Fire
Project Type: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis ROM Modification
Latest Release: July 15, 2007
Level of Completion: ~5%

Basic Information

Sonic: The Lost Land 2 is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive. The game is comprised of 11 levels, each filled with dangers you must overcome in order to stop the plans of the maniacal Dr. Eggman. Only palettes, some slight layout changes and various other small modifications have been made for the time being, since this hack has been on hold for Sonic: The Lost Land.

The Story

The Lost Land. A beautiful island paradise, once inhabited by creatures known only as the ancients. After managing to overthrow the Eggrobo's previous plot, Sonic stumbles across a hidden part of the Lost Land. Unfortunately, Eggman found it first, and has already set up base to work on his next evil plot. With Shadow gone, having left the Lost Land after helping out beforehand, it's only up to the blue hedgehog to save the world from whatever Eggman is planning.

The Zones

Twelve zones are in the hidden area of the Lost Land, each of them filled with many traps and dangers, intent on putting a stop to Sonic's heroic efforts. These levels are:

Moonlit Meadow

A beautiful, tranquil seaside resort which is now under seige from the maniacal Dr. Eggman. Sonic must destroy the evil fiend's badniks and rescue his friends.

Ancient Amazon

The long-decayed ruins of an ancient temple, constructed many millennia ago. It has long since submerged into a sparkling lake. Sonic can only survive for 30 seconds underwater, so if his air supply runs low, he must replenish it with air bubbles, or return to the surface.

Sunken Subway

The ancient temple has led to an intricate subway system, used by the Ancients several thousand years ago. Over the millennia, the accumulated rainfall has flooded the subway, making it more dangerous to travel through. Air pockets will help prevent Sonic from drowning. What is Eggman after?

Volcano Valley

One of the Lost Land's active volcanoes, a place once believed the Ancients had resided somewhere nearby. Eggman is up to something, and it may have something to do with the Ancients. Sonic will need to be careful not to get toasted by the lava flowing through the magma filled caves!

Sky Shrine

A magnificent city, the Ancients once called this place home, prior to their tragic extinction. The shrine is rather high up, meaning Sonic must watch his step.

Casino City

A glittering casino paradise, filled with flippers and slot machines. A gambler's heaven, this resort has been taken over by Eggman and his minions. Can Sonic take back the city by any means possible?

Poison Plant

The chemical production plant of an ancient civilization, now believed to be extinct. The city was long abandoned after a terrible accident within the facility. Eggman has reactivated the pumps, filling the city with a dangerous blue liquid. Will the pumps be switched off in time?

Daybreak Docks

The sun has not long come up over this once abandoned refinery. Our hero must cross the gangways and ride the elevators to reach new areas. Eggman has caused a lot of damage by dumping the waste into the ocean. Can Sonic find the controls and stop the pollution from continuing?

Techno Tower

The mechanical city which Eggman uses for his dirty ambitions. It is here that all of his badniks are manufactured. Here, Sonic can ride the pistons and gears to find the evil scientist. He can also ride the screws to new heights. What the hell is Eggman up to?

Air Assault

Eggman's badnik production facility lies in ruin, and the egotistical scientist is now attempting escape. After hours of scaling the city, it is night once again. Sonic must watch his step as he tackles the skies, which are filled with badniks, intent on halting his progress. The blue hedgehog knows how important it is not to make a false step. It's a long way down...

Flying Fort

Sonic has found Eggman's fortress in the sky, and it's up to him to gain access to the interior by scaling the outer deck. However, it won't be easy. Automated artillery as well as badniks and traps intent on bringing him down. Eggman must pay for his crimes.

Cosmic Colony

With his sky-high fortress now in shambles, the overweight scientist has fled to his secret space base. Somewhat resembling the Space Colony ARK, it is here that Eggman will unleash his secret weapons. The fate of the Lost Land lies in Sonic's success. Good luck!

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