Christmas is Coming...

Where It All Began

The GCN was originally a roleplaying based community known as RP Mania, due to Shadow Fire's passion of roleplaying. However, as it was only a small community, it was decided to expand it into an even bigger place.

The Demise of RP Mania

In late 2009, Zeth and Shadow Fire contacted one another, and decided to restore an earlier project of theirs. This became the original GCN, and was hosted alongside RP Mania. All seemed to be going well, until petty arguments began, and a script "hacker" exploited RP Mania's unsecure way of loading pages, bringing the entire server to its knees. The site was thankfully salvaged, and the security holes plugged, but sadly, the damage was already done. Some time later, it was decided to remove RP Mania, due to lack of activity.

The GCN - 2.0

After the unfortunate end of RP Mania, The GCN was reborn as its own site, which focused on gaming research and modification. This community seemed to thrive for quite some time, until the drama started again. Certain members of the community lashed out at Zeth, causing him to take an extended leave of absence. The community forums were damaged, but partially restored. However, it was clear the community had lost its appeal, and with the loss of a great administrator, motivation was no longer existant. As such, it was deemed logical to remove it.

Reincarnation - The Garden of Crystal Nights

RP Mania was once again restored, although it kept the "GCN" acronym, being named The Garden of Crystal Nights. Once again, the community was reverted to focusing entirely upon roleplaying. This restoration saw a lot of former community members rejoin, but upon discovering the purpose of this new incarnation, many turned away. It was quickly decided to remove this community, and start fresh.

The GCN - 3.0

Thankfully, Zeth returned from his absence, and with his return, many surprising project additions and information were shared, inspiring a resurrection of the gaming community. This was aided thanks to the ongoing support of his loyal fans, who stayed by his side in his time of need. The GCN was back, adopting a new approach, remaining neutral to all conflicts within communities outside The GCN.

It's all about the games.