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  • Announcements

    • The GCN Staff

      To aid in the support you receive at this community, it is important to know who to contact should the need arise. So, I've compiled a list of all our staff, and their duties within the community. Management Shadow Fire: Site founder and primary community administrator.

      AdminZethN64: Secondary community administrator. Yup, that's right.
      Kusai L'Harikon: Secondary community administrator. She's also a Witch, so don't piss her off.
      Bitter: Provides technical support for the Deviant skin. Not an active member.
      Arcaith: Secondary community administrator. Awesome Aussie friend of mine. :3
      Staff [*]IPS News: Not an actual member. Just an account that automatically posts information from the official IPS RSS Feed. [*]Mellow: Global community staff. [*]To Coool: Global community staff.
    • Review Template

      This is merely a template to show how game reviews should be posted on The GCN. Simply copy all the content within the code tags, and then adjust accordingly. [center][img=http://url.to.game.logo][/center] (Image should be no bigger than 300x300) [b]Director:[/b] <Name of Game Director> [b]Producers:[/b] <Name of Game Producer/s> [b]Music:[/b] <Name of Music Composer/s> [b]Starring:[/b] <Name of Voice Actors, If Applicable> [b]Rating:[/b] [img=https://www.the-gcn.com/reviews/rating/<IMAGENAME>] (Use the Rating Score Index as a reference) [b][u]Plot[/u][/b] Give a plot of the game. The best way to do it is to introduce the beginning of the game to where it takes off. [b][u]Review[/u][/b] Give your personal review of the game. This should include a description on music, visuals and story. Additional details are welcome, so long as it's not tl;dr. [b][u]Overall[/u][/b] Provide a quick wrap-up of your review, by giving an overall opinion of it. Note: Ratings can often be quite tricky, considering our way of rating games. However, I'm going to explain that. Now, each half a star is worth 1 on a scale of 10. So, 5 gold stars is a 10/10, 4.5 is 9/10 and so on. There are also two special rating icons that you can use. To simplify it, here's the entire list, as well as the filename to use in the rating image (minus the quotes, of course). Rating Score Index 0/10 - - "cross.png" 1/10 - - "0-5star.png" 2/10 - - "1star.png" 3/10 - - "1-5stars.png" 4/10 - - "2stars.png" 5/10 - - "2-5stars.png" 6/10 - - "3stars.png" 7/10 - - "3-5stars.png" 8/10 - - "4stars.png" 9/10 - - "4-5stars.png" 10/10 - - "5stars.png" 11+/10 - - "platinum.png" The cross is reserved for games that are downright atrocious, and nobody in their right mind should want to play. The Platinum 5-stars are reserved for games that are not done justice by a simple 5-gold stars. Anyway, now that you know how to do this, I hope we'll be seeing some more reviews.
    • Tutorial Creation

      You may have noticed that you can't create a new topic in this area. This is due to the tutorial system automatically creating the official support topic for said tutorial. You will still be able to reply to the official support topics as normally possible in other topics though, to provide feedback and get support. To create a tutorial, simply use the Tutorials System. However, before you do, you should take a few things into consideration. In addition to these guidelines, the community Terms of Service must also be adhered to. When using the tutorials system, please ensure that you: place your tutorial in the correct category.
      If your tutorial is to provide gaming codes, such as cheats, please place it in the "Codes" category.
      All other tutorials are to be placed within the category labeled "The GCN".
      [*]provide all information as accurately as possible. [*]list all sources used to obtain this information and give credit where due. [*]not use massive images in your tutorials. Thank you.
Community Podcasts

Every so often, our administrative team will get together to talk about various gaming related information, as well as answering questions we get asked by our community members. You can listen to them on-site, though the files are large, and it is recommended that you download them. Files are compressed in 7z format, so 7-zip is useful to have installed in order to decompress them.

~ The Stuff ~

001: It Begins
On April 22, 2011, we made our first podcast thingy. Zeth, Naxylldritt and I spoke about some future game releases, as well as talking about our GCN projects, such as URA Project and Sonic: The Lost Land. All went well, though we had repeated visits from spiders with mana bars.

Also, please note that I am aware NPC means "Non Player Character, but I kinda forgot to mention to the others that my particular use of this acronym meant "Nasty Piece of Crap". Whoops. =P

001 - It Begins

002: We're Back!
In mid/late July, 2012, after more than a year since the first official podcast, Zeth, Naxy and I finally decided to get off our asses (or rather, sit down on them), and make our second podcast. We discussed E3 2012, Naxy gave a review on LIMBO, I spoke about Sonic: The Lost Land and its sequel, and most importantly, we spoke of the URA Expansion!

Please note that we once again had visits from mana spiders, as well as a lot of randomness. Also, theere is a fair bit of cursive language being used, so if you are offended, GTFO this page.

002 - We're Back!