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Community Podcasts

Every so often, our administrative team will get together to talk about various gaming related information, as well as answering questions we get asked by our community members. You can listen to them on-site, though the files are large, and it is recommended that you download them. Files are compressed in 7z format, so 7-zip is useful to have installed in order to decompress them.

~ The Stuff ~

001: It Begins
On April 22, 2011, we made our first podcast thingy. Zeth, Naxylldritt and I spoke about some future game releases, as well as talking about our GCN projects, such as URA Project and Sonic: The Lost Land. All went well, though we had repeated visits from spiders with mana bars.

Also, please note that I am aware NPC means "Non Player Character, but I kinda forgot to mention to the others that my particular use of this acronym meant "Nasty Piece of Crap". Whoops. =P

001 - It Begins

002: We're Back!
In mid/late July, 2012, after more than a year since the first official podcast, Zeth, Naxy and I finally decided to get off our asses (or rather, sit down on them), and make our second podcast. We discussed E3 2012, Naxy gave a review on LIMBO, I spoke about Sonic: The Lost Land and its sequel, and most importantly, we spoke of the URA Expansion!

Please note that we once again had visits from mana spiders, as well as a lot of randomness. Also, theere is a fair bit of cursive language being used, so if you are offended, GTFO this page.

002 - We're Back!

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