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    I have a very huge variety interest that I am into, some most people never even heard of. I love games and music, things from different cultures. I also love the pursuit of knowledge to increase one's understanding of something, from games, to historical information, even to scientific discoveries. I'm a pretty nice guy and easy to get along with though my patience wears thin on the blatantly ignorant. If you approach me with respect, I'll reply to you respectfully, it's only common sense.


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  1. Current Situation...

    Congrats on the job Shadow Fire! Looking forward to more updates and wishing the best for ya good buddy!
  2. Current Situation...

    Yep! Gump and I got things covered so The GCN is here to stay!
  3. Current Situation...

    There has to be something we can do! I honestly don't want to see everything we've created here in the community fade away.
  4. 2017 is looking pretty bright for the gaming scene! I'm pretty stoked!

  5. Here's hoping for brighter things in 2017

  6. Mass Effect N7 Trailer Reveal

    Happy N7 Day to everyone! Bioware treated us with another reveal trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda! Will you be getting it when it comes out in 2017? I know I will be!
  7. 2016 is shaping up to be a very good year!

  8. Satoru Iwata Passes Away At 55

    Its hard losing someone who was very crucial to so many projects in the Nintendo industry over the years, someone who's been an amazing inspiration and driving force for Nintendo. Its been a sad day in the gaming industry. Rest in Peace Mister Iwata, May you keep gaming in the afterlife. “Even if we come from different sides of the world, speak different languages, even if we eat too many chips or rice balls, even if we have different tastes in games, every one of us here today is identical in the most important way: each one of us has the heart of a gamer.” - Satoru Iwata, Heart of a Gamer Rainbow seen today at the Kyoto HQ of Nintendo as their flags were at half mast. Rest in peace and my sincere condolences to Mister Iwata's family and close friends in the company for the great loss they have suffered.
  9. Tales of Zestiria

    Reward 2 has been unlocked! This is really awesome, Reward 2 has been unlocked and now the last stretch of the goal is in sight! A Free copy of Tales of Symphonia!
  10. Tales of Zestiria

    At the time of this post, the reward status is at 59% on the second reward, first reward has been unlocked already! I am pretty stoked for this because Zestiria looks like a really good game but ontop of it, Symphonia is offered as a free reward for preordering(If we can hit reward status 3). This in itself is very awesome and it has me excited! I personally loved Tales of Symphonia when I played it back originally on the gcube, sadly its a very rare game to find nowadays for the old consoles it originally released on.
  11. Tales of Zestiria

    Tales of Zestiria is coming to Steam October 20th, 2015. Being a big fan of the Tales series, I wanted to share this exciting information with the community as well the exciting preorder tier rewards. You can check out the steam page for information on how to preorder this game and how far the progress on the tiers have gotten so far. So everyone, spread the word, tell your friends because the more we get this out, the faster those tier rewards will fill up. I personally am very excited for Tales of Symphonia being released with the preorder if they can get enough people backing it. About the Game In a world torn by war between two powerful nations fighting for rule and supremacy, accept the burden of the Sheperd and fight human darkness to protect your world from Malevolence and reunite humans and Seraphim. Together with Lailah, the Lady of the Lake who guards the Sacred Blade, and his best friend Mikleo, the cast will discover soon enough a powerful force is rising in the shadow. Key Features -Tumble into Sorey's epic journey set in a Medieval fantasy world with beautiful animations realized by the famous animation studio ufotable. -Discover diversified and huge environments throughout your adventure with the help of Seraphim -Advanced Battle System with fusions between Sory and Seraphim. The battle scenes are now seamlessly integrated into the environments with no more load screens or transition Trailer PreOrder Tier Rewards Tales of classic weapons set (base offer) Nothing adds heroism quite like a cool sword! Download the Tales of classic weapon skins set to receive five swords based on legendary blades from classic "Tales of" games. It is just what you need to add that tinge of epicness to any character! 4 Tales of classic Male costumes set (Reward 1) Get to know the classic Tales of games with these 4 classic male costumes! Download the 4 Tales of classic Male costumes set to receive costumes and related battle music. You get Sorey in Tales of Vesperia Yuri’s outfit, Mikleo in Tales of Destiny Leon’s outfit, Dezel in Tales of the Abyss Luke’s outfit and Zaveid in Tales of Symphonia Zelos’ outfit. 4 Tales of classic Female costumes set (Reward 2 + Everything Above) Get to know the classic Tales of games with these 4 female classic costumes! Download the 4 Tales of classic Female costumes set to receive costumes and related battle music. You get Alisha in Tales of Graces f Cheria’s outfit, Lailah in Tales of Phantasia Mint’s outfit, Edna in Tales of Xillia Elize’s outfit and Rose in Tales of Xillia 2 Milla’s outfit. A free copy of Tales of Symphonia (Reward 3 + Everything Above) Live again the emblematic and moving Tales of Symphonia now on your PC for free by pre-ordering Tales of Zestiria! Follow Lloyd Irving in his journey to help the Chosen complete the Journey of World Regeneration to save the world of Sylvarant. Lloyd and his friends will soon discover the fate of a second world is tightly linked to their actions... Tales of Symphonia will be added automatically to your Steam account once available on Steam. *Rewards will be back-filled once we reach the next level. **Tier rewards may not be granted immediately after reaching the goal.
  12. Let go of the grudges...they will only lead you down a path of destruction..

  13. Majora's Mask Coming to 3DS in Spring 2015

    Speaking of fishing, its an old concept that was around during MM's original game design. Playtendo found the leftovers and got them working for the most part in MM (J).
  14. Majora's Mask Coming to 3DS in Spring 2015

    Woo! Majora's Mask! Please Nintendo do something special with it! Add Masterquest to it? Perhaps a gauntlet mode like in OOT. SOMETHING! D: Because if its just...pretty graphics and nothing new...I will have to decline buying it and just play it on my N64 that requires less eye strain. lol
  15. Life is too full of wonderful things to focus on the past little things.