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  1. Ruinous Shards

  2. ZLE2 and ZAP 2 Source Files

  3. Current Situation...

    Any way to donate to you outside of this site? I am sure alot of us are willing and able to help
  4. Ruinous Shards

    Version 1.04


    You are the last remaining piece of a powerful fallen god. To protect yourself as a child, you must steal the three shards of the Triforce (Power, Wisdom and Courage) and hide in the Temple of Time, until such a time when you are strong enough to take on the ultimate evil! Throughout your travels, you will see that much has changed from the Hyrule you once knew. Many items and power-ups were stolen and relocated by an infamous band of thieves known as the Order of Chaos. Many of the treasures are sprinkled throughout the world, but some of the most valuable are kept in the arduous Riddle of Time dungeon. Can you find it?....Can you beat it?
  5. New Zelda WiiU Footage

    Found this here: Summary of the Zelda Wii U Map Analysis If you hate long winded explanations and simply skipped through the article looking at pictures instead, then this is the part where you should probably pay attention. Here is a quick overview of everything we’ve learnt about Zelda Wii U based on information from the gameplay map: Zelda Wii U is huge. It will take over 1hr 14mins 30s to cross the entire map (corner to corner) on horseback. In real life this would be the equivalent of travelling 54.6km. Death Mountain, Zora’s Domain and Lake Hylia all appear to be present on the map. The southern section of the Zelda Wii U map matches up with Zelda 1’s map. There are two different depths of water. Link should be able to cross lakes, rivers & parts of the sea. Link may have access to a boat or other water crossing equipment. Zelda Wii U may have towns/villages and possibly smaller settlements. Link may potentially be able to set up his own camp (if the map icon does not depict a small settlement). Spectacle Rock may be making a reappearance, this time in the form of a lake. Link may be able to travel across the deeper parts of the sea to reach isolated islands and/or shallow areas. Some areas may only be accessible by following specific paths or during certain points in the game. Zelda Wii U may feature a village within a lake or alternatively a swamp-like lake with varying water levels. There is a mysterious black dot on the west of the map. This could be Ganondorf’s hide-out or a Twilight portal. There isn’t a defined border on the southern edge of the map. Suggesting that Link can go further south, possibly in a future update.
  6. New Zelda WiiU Footage

    Love the realistic world setting and the jump and fire arrows off Epona is badass!
  7. Version


    Hi All, I was cleaning out my stuff and found the source to ZLE2 and ZAP2 if anyone is interested.