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  1. Current Situation...

    Jesus Christ. Hope you're doing okay man. If you guys need any money to keep this going contact me on Steam. I'll just invest a few bucks less on Partying.
  2. Important! Restored

    No, really. That was quite the surprise lol
  3. New Zelda WiiU Footage

    At least they're taking their time with it and are not rushing the shit out of it. I don't want another Call of Assasins's Field
  4. Possible Absence - Tropical Cyclone

    Mother Nature really doesn't like Australians, huh? I mean, just look at that wild life... Anyway, don't get any funny ideas like letting a kite fly. Just saying.
  5. New Zelda WiiU Footage

    I'm sure there will be different ways to get through Hyrule. Teleportation is a common thing in the games by now. It would also be interesting to see a similar form of transportation to the Loftwing.
  6. Majora's Mask Coming to 3DS in Spring 2015

    Dude, that's cheating lol
  7. Majora's Mask Coming to 3DS in Spring 2015

    That rocks! I'm guessing it costs even more for you. Man, you Aussies are poor bastards.
  8. Majora's Mask Coming to 3DS in Spring 2015

    Hell yeah! I knew someday they'd finaly do it. I seriously need to get a 3DS now, but I also wanna wait 'til the New 3DS is out . Also, what the f**k is gauntled mode? y u get enjoy things I does not? >.> Seriously though, what is it? I'm curious.
  9. About 16 hours ago and SquareEnix started a contest. What can you win? How can you enter? Well you will definately win 1000 US$, the FFXIII triology on XBOX 360 with a custom XBOX 360 and a custom XBOX 360 Controller, a Lightning Returns: FFXIII shirt and key chain, and to top it all off an original sketch by Tetsuya Nomura, all in one package! You can enter by making a 2000(width)x500(height) drawing of Lightning in your own original costume and submiting it to You have to be at least 13 years of age though to participate, kinda ironic huh?... The 3 best drawings will be chosen by Tetsuya Nomura. Also, all countries can take part in this contest, so it's not US only. Simple isn't it? The grand prize up there ^ is available three times, which means three people can win it. You've got time until February 20th at 11:59 PM (PST), which is about 8 days. Here's a Link for more info:
  10. Together with Tecmo Koei, the creators of the Dynasty Warriors series, Nintendo is working on a new project called Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U. That title is not yet final though, so it might get a new one. It is also not yet known if there are any other playable characters besides Link, or if he'll be playable at all, since there isn't any other info, except for this trailer. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the actual The Legend of Zelda that is supposed to come out for the Wii U in the future, but a spin-off.
  11. I know how much you people love Pokémon so I've got nice news for ya'll. Pokémon X and Y each come in a bundle with a 2DS. Sadly though, it's just pre-installed, so you won't have a physical copy of the game and the 2DS's will NOT have a special design, so, sorry all you collectors out there. They're available from today on and will cost about $149.99 in the states. The Y version will only be available in Toys R Us it seems. Both Versions will also be available in Europe today for 149.00€, except for Germany. There it seems, only the X version will be available, but therefore there will be a bundle with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Both of them will also cost 149.00€. Note: Please correct me if there is any false info.
  12. Nintendo's Hiroshi Yamauchi Passes Away, Aged 85

    RIP Mr. Yamauchi and thank you for giving us the chance to play many wonderful games. It would have never been possible without you.
  13. Some More New Features

    I shall crack my flaming whip at those who dare to beat my highschores... *cracks whip*