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  1. Current Situation...

    I'm back, baby!Shadow Fire here, with an important news update: My life has really picked up in the past month or so. I was able to move out of the boarding house and into a studio apartment. In addition, I have high-speed (for Australia) internet, and my ex-boyfriend gave me his spare computer, so I am pretty much back in business. I'm proceeding cautiously, since money may be a tad tight for the next couple of months (it's what happens when you take out a loan in order to get bond money), but I'm optimistic that things are getting back on track.
  2. Morenatsu Revisited

    Version 0.2


    Morenatsu Revisited is a remake of the original Morenatsu visual novel. Hiroyuki Nishimura, a 16-year old human boy living in Osaka, receives a letter from his old friend, inviting him to spend his summer vacation in his old hometown of Minasato. Accepting the invitation, Hiroyuki travels to the country town, reuniting with his old friends, all kemono (anthropomorphic animals). During this unforgettable summer vacation, Hiroyuki will experience feelings of nostalgia, hang out with his friends, and if lucky, may even fall in love. Currently available: Juuichi's complete route Tatsuki's complete route Added scenarios pertaining to every character All other characters are completed up to August 15.
  3. Still my favourite visual novel of all time...

  4. When you can't sleep and decide to run a speed test...

  5. Okay, so for Christmas, I have the following wish list:

    Nintendo Switch
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Thank you. :P

  6. Anyone available this Sunday to help me get a bed (with mattress) and mini-freezer from Bellbird Park to Bowen Hills?

  7. Australia: "It's a YES from me!"

  8. Got my apartment keys, and utilities set up.

    Responsible adult life: START!

  9. Got my apartment keys, and utilities set up.

    Responsible adult life: START!

  10. At work, and suddenly... K-Pop on the store radio.

  11. My first HSP. Can't wait to dig in.

  12. 9 years on Facebook? Wow.

  13. Here you go Matthew Teuber .. there is other ones .. bahaha .. only done it for you to see .. lol

  14. The AEC are incompetent fucking dipshits. Twice, I've updated my address details, and both times, they confirmed the wrong fucking address. The first time, I thought maybe I made a mistake, but as it turns out, when I corrected it, they used the same, incorrect address.

    Ugh. What fucking cucks that fucking suck the big buck covered in muck.

  15. Current Situation...

    So, the job is going pretty well, and I'm enjoying it. A tiny snag though: My laptop decided that now was a good a time as any to die. So, I'm typing this on my tablet. However, this means that I can't take care of the technical stuff, my projects are on hold for an uncertain amount of time, etc. So, until I can get it all sorted, gonna have to leave Zeth, Gump, and Arcaith in charge a tad longer.