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You are the last remaining piece of a powerful fallen god. To protect yourself as a child, you must steal the three shards of the Triforce (Power, Wisdom and Courage) and hide in the Temple of Time, until such a time when you are strong enough to take on the ultimate evil! Throughout your travels, you will see that much has changed from the Hyrule you once knew. Many items and power-ups were stolen and relocated by an infamous band of thieves known as the Order of Chaos. Many of the treasures are sprinkled throughout the world, but some of the most valuable are kept in the arduous Riddle of Time dungeon. Can you find it?....Can you beat it?

What's New in Version 1.04


  • 1.04: Fixed entrance to Riddle of Time dungeon, allowing it to function as an exit.
  • 1.03: Moved Mido to block the Sacred Meadow, and removed all boulders and Bombchus from Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
  • 1.02: Fixed unmatching collision on Kakariko Village well, which allowed early entry.
  • 1.01: Texture update for Kokiri Sword. Fixed Deku Shield text and Navi positioning within the Deku Tree.
  • 1.00: Initial release.

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