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  2. RT @8BitCreepyPasta:

  3. @Smoked_Paprika naw that's pretty good

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  5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Part 15 - Final Memory's: via @YouTube

  6. @GriddleOctopus Happy birthday sir!

  7. She got pretty brown eyes and she in mint condition

  8. @CirnoTV Yesssss! So by 2nd playthrough do you mean the 2nd game, or playing through the 1st one again?

  9. It's that time! #SouthPark The Fractured But Whole 100% Playthrough! Special thanks goes to #Ubisoft for the key!…

  10. RT @memeprovider: SPONGEBOB AS AN ANIME OPENING 😂

  11. gotta hand it to circles. they don't try to be edgy, they just get the job done. not to mention how well-rounded they are. I'll stop.

  12. RT @colesprouse: think we all know why overalls are back in style

  13. RT @PabloMM: El curioso caso de una chica que el jueves es una doble licenciada que busca trabajo y el viernes una universitaria acosada po…

  14. Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - Beto Castillo - De nada (De "Moana")).

  15. RT @EFF: EFF's International Director @mala will be at Bioneers, discussing net neutrality, DRM, & the surveillance state…

  16. RT @Drops: What in the actual fuck did i just witness

  17. Carla Schwartz unhooks Nick Flynn, "ineffable / ineffable / ineffable to wild applause."

  18. Thoughts on the #XboxOne update? Seems a little prettier but not sure of improved functionality...

  19. I liked a @YouTube video Xenoblade Chronicles Chuggaaconroy's Best Moments (Over an hour and 40 mins!)


  21. @cilerba you are remaking roblox

  22. @arontoad99

  23. Time for @Rainbow6Game gettin ranked or RAGE #j4lfam #TeamEmmmmsie #RainbowSixSiege…

  24. @Streetspe3d717 So, it's not much of a mod, but it's somewhere to start. I love it. Great for seeing deer at night.

  25. RT @luulubuu: 1987- In the future, robots will replace people and we will evolve into space explorers, a new, better mankind. 2017- https:/…

  26. RT @BonitosNovios: La distancia sólo aumenta el deseo de encontrarse.

  27. @Freepdied @NintendoAmerica

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