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Like many sites that exist on the internet, we have affiliated partners that we recommend giving a visit to.

To visit our affiliates, just click on their associated globe icon.

Gaming Reinvented Gaming Reinvented: Another one of the myriad of gaming websites that exist on the interwebz. This one is run by CM90, and unlike the many others, this one is actually quite good.

Satoshi's Stuff Satoshi's Stuff: This is an archive of Satoshi Kura's side projects.

Sonic Retro Sonic Retro: A Sonic the Hedgehog fan community that is primarily focused on researching and reverse engineering the games within the series. This community is very active, and there are a lot of fan projects readily available for download.

Sonic Stuff Research Group Sonic Stuff Research Group: Similar to Sonic Retro, this is a community that deals with the modification of Sonic the Hedgehog games. While it may not be as active as the other community, there is still a lot of useful information to be found.

Zelda 64 Wiki Zelda 64 Wiki: A mediawiki run by spinout182, it contains a plethora of information relating to the Zelda games released on the Nintendo 64. This information is vital in understanding the way the games function, allowing for easier modification.

How to Become Affiliated

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